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Think Alimony is Dead in Michigan?

Think Again!

by William J. Reisdorf, J.D.

your Michigan Divorce Attorney


Some spouses hear that alimony is an old law that is no longer used because long-term stay-at-home wives are a thing of the past. Part of this is true and part isn’t: Yes, it is true that more and more women are entering the workforce than ever before. And the divorce rate in Michigan is at about 50%. Most divorces I see involve a female spouse who has at least a part time job. But awards of alimony (spousal support) in Michigan are still alive and well, especially if there is a great difference in income -- say, one spouse makes $120,000 and the other makes minimum wage, and the parties have been married a significant time (at least 10 years). And don’t forget, alimony is "gender blind.” Men CAN collect alimony if the evidence is there.


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