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Five Hot Tips for Parents in Custody and Child Support Battles

by William J. Reisdorf, JD, your Michigan Fathers Custody Attorney


TIP # 1:  THE 14 DAY RULE: If you are ever served a "PPO" or an "Ex Parte Order" (without an advance hearing) you have 14 days to object and make the other side show justification for the Order. The 14 days may be your ONLY window to object!


TIP #2:  If you lose your income or suffer a reduction in income, YOU MUST FILE A MOTION to reduce your child support immediately. Calling the Friend of the Court on the phone won’t do it. Papers must be filed in Court!!


TIP #3:  THE CHILD TAX EXEMPTION: Every time you or the other parent are in Court on a child support motion (up or down), you have the right to ask for one or more of the CHILD TAX EXEMPTIONS. The Court can order the other party to give it to you!


TIP #4:  IF YOU GET A SHOW CAUSE for Failure to pay Support, NOT SHOWING UP MAKES IT WORSE. 90% of the time you will go to Court and strike a deal and walk out with a payment plan. But if you ignore a show cause for support and do a no show, THEY WILL ISSUE A BENCH WARRANT FOR YOU...guaranteed!  


TIP #5:  ALL YOU NEED IS "JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY." If you are locked into a custody battle with the other parent and there's a fight over "custody labels" and you are stuck on who gets "physical custody"...SKIP IT!  just go to the parenting schedule. All your judgment has to mention is "Legal Custody" (should always be joint) and who gets the kids on what days (the parenting schedule) SKIP THE "PHYSICAL CUSTODY" thing!


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