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My Mission

Divorce and custody disputes are extremely painful. My goal is to do everything possible to prevent you from losing your children. I believe in "going the extra mile" for all of my clients – and no one will work harder for you. If you retain my services, I will personally represent your case. You'll never be assigned to a junior partner.

Your Michigan Family Law Attorney

If you are considering divorce or separation, you don't need a novice representing you in court. If you have an ongoing Michigan court case involving child custody, parenting time (visitation), child support, or spousal support (alimony), you need a family law lawyer with a lot of experience. I've been before virtually every judge and family law court in Southeast Michigan, including Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County.

I'm here to help. For a free initial consultation, email me or call my mobile at 248-766-4484.

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William J. Reisdorf, Attorney


William Reisdorf has been practicing family law in Southeast Michigan for over 30 years. He has extensive experience helping clients through divorce, custody, and parenting time issues. He has practiced before virtually every judge and family court in Southeast Michigan, and is among the most experienced family law attorneys in Southeast Michigan.

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